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Selection of our most common services for yachts

superyacht wrapping

Yacht Exterior Wrapping

Would you like to change the color of the hull or the superstructure of your yacht? We can completely wrap it with distinctive finishes. In addition to the color change, the gelcoat will be protected.

All done at a fraction of the time and cost of painting

Superyacht interior vinyl wrapping

Yacht Interior Wrapping

Our exclusive high quality finishes will let you customize at your will or renovate any surface so it looks completely mint.

We can completely change the aesthetics of any room or area in the yacht in short time

superyacht surface clear protection

Surface Clear Protection

Is there any surface that you want to protect without affecting its looks? We have top quality protection films that we apply both on the exterior and on the interior so the surfaces cannot be scratched. They have an enchanced clear gloss or satin finish. 

If there is a high traffic floor that you want to protect or it is too slippery we also have solutions like non-skid films that can solve it

superyacht window tinting

Window Tinting

Do you want to improve the privacy of certain rooms or areas?

We offer privacy films with dark or mirror effect. We also have special transparent films that reduce the amount of heat in the interior without darkening the room and mantaining a complete clear view

Custom Graphics

Do you need a new high quality graphic with the name of your vessel for the transom door, a tender or even the safety rings? Look no further, we can help you with the design, production and installation of any graphic you may need

If you have a special request: