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Yacht interior wrapping

Do you want to renovate the interior of your yacht?

Change the colors of a whole cabin or the finish of furniture like doors, tables, fixtures, wall panels, etc.

We can help you refit any surface with our realistic vinyl finishes eg. Wood effect.

yacht helm console furniture wrapping

Helm console grey wrap in the wheelhouse of a yacht (LOA 80m+)

Advantages of yacht interior vinyl wrapping

  • Cost effective interior refresh: one of the main advantages of vinyl is that there is no need to tear out the existing joinery
  • High quality finish and long lasting: vinyl resists water, mould, wear and abrasion
  • Very easy to clean and easy to repair if is damaged
  • No dust is generated during installation and no clutter
  • Refit can be completely done in the water
  • Safety: all our vinyls are fire retardant
  • Hundreds of unique finishes available: from matte finishes to carbon fiber and wood

We find it an excellent solution for charter yacht owners that want to keep the interiors pristine.

In a private yacht vinyl wrapping also lets you try different styles without affecting the original look since it can be removed if desired.

Deck heads wrapping

Vinyl wrapping the deck heads has a big advantage: if all of them are wrapped and you need to rewrap some of them, the color will be uniform and consistent. With painting if you need to respray a deckhead it will look different from the rest

Deck heads become damaged over time and they need to be repaired. There are several limitations using the traditional paint respray that are completely avoided by vinyl wrapping them:

  • Rewrap a damaged deckhead and keep color consistency with the rest of panels
  • Wrap them on the boat (instead of having to bring them to a booth for painting)
  • Have satin or matte finishes that are easier to mantain compared to the painted equivalents and that don’t gloss up
deck heads vinyl wrapping yacht

Deck heads of a superyacht (LOA 75m+) vinyl wrapped on white

Furniture wrapping

yacht interior with vinyl

Yacht flybridge stairs customized in black color (LOA 35m+)

To have custom made wood furniture is very time consuming and expensive. It is common that you don’t need new furniture, you just need it to look good. Sometimes you just want a new pattern or color scheme to make them look more modern and fresh.

Our installers can completely change the appearance of any furniture in your yacht with special vinyls. High quality wood finishes are one of our specialtes and we have hundreds of options available for you.