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Yacht exterior wrapping

Do you want to change the appearance of your yacht?

Either if you want a complete color change or some subtle addons that add uniqueness to your vessel we are here to help you.

The biggest advantages compared to a normal paint job are: reduced cost, less time needed and more flexibility.

Superyacht vinyl wrapping

MV Nautical superyacht full hull wrap for this beautiful ISA 133

Advantages of yacht exterior vinyl wrapping compared to traditional methods

  • Cost effective: it requires less labour time and you may save up to two thirds of a traditional finish
  • Films protect the gel coat once they are applied: this keeps the resale value up and since they are UV resistant the gel coat will look as pristine as the first day should you decide to remove the vinyl in the future
  • It is long lasting, it doesn’t go cloudy and there is no need to sand the boat once it has been filed and faired
  • Easy to clean and easy to repair if it is damaged
  • More environmentally friendly because it doesn’t liberate solvents during the installation
  • Our vinyl solutions are also available on-deck and for pools and jacuzzis

You can even test a new color during a season and go back to the original color having protected the paint during the time the wrap has been in place.

Yacht hull wrapping

You can completely change the looks of the hull or the superstructure of your yacht. We perform color changes with vinyl for a fraction of the cost of painting and with much less time needed. 

We offer you wrapping services also on your chase boat, tenders and toys so all of them have the same customization as the main vessel.

We are used to vinyl wrapping all kind tenders like limousine, open, catamaran and even rescue tenders (MOB). We also offer special high resistance vinyls with your boat’s name suitable for lifebuoys, helmets, toys, etc.

VanDutch tender full vinyl wrap

VanDutch 40 tender of a superyacht.  Hull wrap in customized color

Boot stripe wrapping and Beauty lines

Boat wrapping is not only for full hulls but also for boot stripes

Superyacht vinyl boot stripe

Superyacht vinyl boot stripe installed (70m+ LOA)

You can save a big amount of time and costs if you opt for vinyl wrapping the boot stripe. We have plenty of experience on this, having done dozens of services on superyachts and yachts.

The main advantage being that we can work both in the water or during maintenance on dock. If you want to renew or completely change the boot stripe of your yacht look no further.