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Surface clear protection

Do you want to effectively protect the surfaces of your yacht?

Gain peace of mind clear protecting the surfaces of your yacht to avoid stains and scratches.

Keep the surfaces looking great for longer and preserve the residual value of the yacht.

yacht marble clear protection

Full surface clear vinyl protection applied on marble counters of a superyacht (LOA 70m+)

Advantages of yacht vinyl clear protection

  • Offers great protection against stains (very important on delicate surfaces such as marble), scratches and cuts
  • Saves money: once applied it is much easier to keep the surfaces clean and drastically reduces the amount of treatments the surfaces need (like re-varnishing, coating or waxing) in order to keep looking pristine over time
  • It is long lasting and it is self-healing: applying heat on our vinyls make the scratches go away
  • Very easy to clean
  • It can be applied on virtually every smooth materialon hull paint or varnish, on galley stainless steel or even marble


Hand rails and flag pole clear protection

You can virtually protect any surface and this includes wooden elements like the capping rails or the mast.

Our protection solutions last for years without needing to re-varnish.

In addition to the protection, they also offer a better gloss finish.

hand rails clear protection film

Hand rails of a superyacht with clear protection film (LOA 75m+)

Non skid protection

non skid glass panes wrap on superyacht

Panes of glass with non skid vinyl wrap on a superyacht (LOA 90m+)

For those areas where there is a risk of slipping, we have special films that are non skid and effectively reduce slippage even with water.

At the same time you can protect high traffic areas against wear and tear.

Our films can be customized in color, shape and opacity.