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Yacht window tinting

Do you want to improve the privacy and energy efficiency of your yacht?


Either if you want to enhance privacy onboard or to improve energy savings, our window film solutions can help you.

yacht window tinting

Window tint of a yacht (LOA 38m+)

Advantages of yacht window films

  • Enhanced privacy: with dark, mirror like and frosted films you can mantain the visibility from inside to outside and at the same time achieve higher privacy when someone is staring from the outside in
  • Improved aesthetics: window films definitely improve the general look of your yacht
  • Improved energy efficiency: special films reduce the amount of heat that can penetrate the interior, reducing the energy needed to keep a stable temperature indoors
  • Reduce sun glare and interior damage: our films block both harmful UV rays and infrared rays reducing the ageing of the interior furniture where bright colors fade and discoloration occurs because of the sun

We also have special clear window film that doesn’t alter the opacity of the windows but are capable of blocking the heat and UV radiation very effectively.

Privacy window tint

Sometimes the amount of heat capable of penetrating the cabin is too high and a window glass treatment is not enough. A good window tint helps to effectively reduce the indoor temperature

From a privacy point of view it is common to have a window next to a high traffic area that may pertain to a private cabin. Solutions in those cases can go from mirror-like films to dark films that prevent anyone to view the interior from the outside

superyacht window tint

Windows tint on a superyacht (LOA 60m+)


Frosted glass

Frosted vinyl on superyacht glass

Frosted vinyl on superyacht glass (LOA 80m+)


Bathrooms, gym and other suited areas are ideal for frosted vinyl where you want to avoid being seen through the glass but still allowing the light to pass through the glass to illuminate the interior.